How to Show Your Dog You Love Them – Best Tips for Dog Lovers

Show Your Dog You Love Them

As humans I don’t know what we did to deserve dogs but I’m so happy they’re here. They are beautiful creatures that shower us in unconditional love and affection. I know Aura loves me, but how do I show her that I love her right back just as much? I did some research and found some of the best ways on how to show your dog you love them.

Dogs are just as unique as people and each one has a unique and distinct personality. While these are a few tips on how to show your dog you love them, keep in mind your own critter may take to some of these tips better than others or not at all. Most importantly to show your dog you love them you should spend time with and get to know what they like and don’t like.

Talk to Your Husky

Recent evidence has been uncovered that dogs actually understand human speech better than previously thought. So saying derogatory words in a happy voice, as fun as it can be, should be avoided. We tell Aura we love her every day in a loving tone to match. Telling your dog you love them, telling them about your day, or even reading them a book is a great way to show them your love. If you need something to brighten your day be sure to read about the Shelter Buddies Reading Program where kids in Missouri are learning to read stories to shelter dogs.

Let Your Husky Hang Out With You

This may seem like an obvious one but let your dog hang out with you. Dogs are social creatures like us and crave being around you. If your dog is an outside dog be sure to go outside and spend time with them! For your next vacation think about looking at pet friendly destinations because a dog can make a great vacation exponentially better. We let Aura hang out with us whether we’re hanging out watching television or out working in the backyard.

Raise Your Eyebrows

Dogs have an amazing ability to pick up on human emotions through body language and facial expressions. In 2013 a group of Japanese researchers discovered that dogs raised their eyebrows, especially the left one, when reuniting with their owner. Smiling and raising your eyebrows while talking in a calm or uplifting voice is a great way to show your dog you love them.

Socialize Your Husky

It’s extremely important to socialize your dog starting at a young age to avoid the Two Huskies Socializingdevelopment of aggressive or overprotective behavior. Going on walks, maybe to a dog park, is an excellent way to get your pooch some exercise and maybe meet some friendly neighbors. Better yet, plan a play date with a friend’s dog or enroll your pup in a class to pass the American Kennel Club’s ‘Canine Good Citizen‘ test.

Give Your Husky Physical Affection

Most pets, not just dogs, crave physical affection just as much as they do attention and food. Aura absolutely loves being pet and will transform into a puddle right before your eyes if you give her enough of it. Plus petting your dog is a great way to release helpful neurochemicals like oxytocin into your brain.

You may have heard that dogs actually don’t appreciate hugs as much as humans do. There is some debate behind whether this information is concretely backed with scientific data so it’s best to get to know your dog to see if he or she likes hugs or not. Aura loves to be cuddled and pet but is not a fan of hugs.

If you don’t want to risk hugging you can always go for ear scratching. The spot behind your dog’s ear is a nerve center that sends ‘feel good’ endorphins all throughout their body when you give it a good massaging. This is a very sensitive area so it’s important to be gentle with these precious parts by rubbing softly.

Take Your Husky on Walks

Dogs, especially huskies, crave structure and need something to do. Going on recurring walks at the same time every day is a great way to provide your dog with something to look forward to as well as ensuring they get adequate exercise. Plus they will love spending this precious time with you.

Physically Lean on Your Husky

Sometimes a dog will brush its coat against or lean on a person. The cute little critter isn’t trying to move the person out of the way or anything malicious, it’s actually a sign of love and trust from dogs.

When Aura leans up against me it’s the equivalent of a dog hug and is one of the ways that she communicates her trust in me. If you want to show your dog you love them feel free to lean right back into them (but not so much that you squish them) when this happens.

Let Your Husky Sleep With You

Letting your dog sleep in your bed can be a divisive issue amongst couples and Husky Sleeping on Floortruthfully we don’t allow Aura in bed simply because it’s too small for all three of us. However, letting your pup sleep with you is one of the highest forms of trust a dog can show and receive. While asleep dogs are in a very vulnerable state and so need to put quite a bit of trust in you before cuddling up for some ‘Z’s.

Letting your dog sleep with you is a great way to show your love and reap some positive health benefits as well. If you don’t want your dog up on your bed you can always join them on their dog bed or catch an afternoon nap on the sofa with them!

Gaze Lovingly Into Your Husky’s Eyes

Most people know you shouldn’t lock eyes with an aggressive dog because it can be perceived as a challenge from the dog and even instigate aggression.

However, as with most words context is extremely important. A recent study found that when a dog and owner share a calm, longing gaze, much like with petting oxytocin is produced in both the dog and the human. For best effect speak in a soft voice while petting and looking calmly into your pet’s eyes!

Groom Your Husky

Having your dog groomed on a regular basis, or better yet doing it yourself, is a great way to bond with and show your love for your dog. Huskies especially can develop very thick overcoats that need to be brushed often or it can become tangled and matted.

Baths are also a great bonding experience to have with your dog. Some dogs take to bath time with fun and pleasure immediately while others may have to be coaxed into letting you wash them. A good rule of thumb is to brush your husky at least once a week and bath at least once a month.

Heart Your Husky

Love Your Husky

Once again I just want to reiterate that every dog has a unique personality special just to them so it’s extremely important for a dog owner to get to know their dog to find out what kinds of thing he or she likes or dislikes.

Some dogs love being pet while others prefer not to be touched. Some like games of fetch while others refuse to be interested in any toys. The most surefire way on how to show your dog you love them is to spend time with and get to know his or her personality.

In what unique ways do you show your dog you love them? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. kelsey

    So much love that dogs provide, we just do not have enough to give back. We truly do not deserve dogs they are so generous. I have never owned a husky but I did have a good friend who had one and they are so lovable and sweet. They are truly silly creatures, very vocal and sociable dogs. Check out these rescue dog shirts

  2. kelsey

    So much love that dogs provide, we just do not have enough to give back. We truly do not deserve dogs they are so generous. I have never owned a husky but I did have a good friend who had one and they are so lovable and sweet. They are truly silly creatures, very vocal and sociable dogs.

  3. JoAnn Timberlake

    Wow, a buddies reading program!! That is incredibly cool.
    I’ve often thought that my dogs could understand what I said, but I didn’t know it had been proven.

    When we travel by RV, we wouldn’t think of leaving our old-lady Annabelle behind. When we can’t take her with us, we arrange for her to have a stay over with other dogs she knows and loves, i.e. family.

    I’m glad I found your website. I’m going to spend more time gazing into Annabell’s eyes and talking to her. I’m suddenly aware I don’t do that enough.

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