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Nylabone Natural Nutri Dent Dental Chew Treats Review

Nylabone Natural Nutri Dent Dental Chew Treats Filet Mignon Flavor

When bringing home a new dog be sure that a toothbrush is on the list of supplies you bring home with them. Oral hygiene is a very important and often overlooked part of having a husky. Tooth decay can result in nasty bacteria and plaque developing in your dog’s mouth leading to further health complications.

As a supplement to brushing your dog’s teeth you can also give them special treats designed to brush as they chew and fight bad breath in the process. Today I’ll be reviewing one such product, Nylabone’s Natural Nutri Dent Dental Chew Treats, which is one of our top recommended store bought treats. First we’ll discuss the company, then the product itself, the ingredients list, whether our Husky Aura approves of them, and finally some safety concerns when it comes to dental chews.

About the Company

According to their official website, Nylabone has been making long-lasting toys, chews, and dental treats since 1995. Nylabone Company LogoFounded by Glen Axelrod they claim to be the world’s largest pet book publisher and make treats and toys for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Unfortunately not much more is given about the company other than that they are family-founded.

Nylabone Natural Nutri Dent Dental Chews

Nylabone natural nutri dent dental chews are tooth-brush shaped treats designed to remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth as they chew on them. They come in various sizes; mini, small, medium, Nylabone Natural Nutri Dent Dental Chew Treat Large next to Quarterand large.

Your dog’s weight will determine which size is appropriate. Mini is for dogs 5 – 10 lbs, small for 10 – 15 lbs, medium for 15 – 30 lbs, and large for dogs 30 lbs and up. We purchase the large size filet mignon flavored ones for our husky Aura and try to give her one once a day. They also come in chicken and ‘fresh breath’ flavors.

Amazon offers them in packages of ten or sixteen for large dogs. It’s very important that you purchase the correct size treats for your dog and that you give them no more than two in one day for reasons I’ll explain a little later.


Nylabone’s dental chews claim to be made with ‘limited ingredients‘. I’m personally not a fan of the fact that wheat starch is the main ingredient as wheat should typically be avoided when selecting dog treats. I would also like to have seen beef (filet mignon flavoring) higher on the list of ingredients.

However, when compared to competitors like Greenie’s, Nylabone’s treats use fewer ingredients so by comparison they do indeed use ‘limited ingredients’. You should only give your dog up to two of these treats per day anyways so they shouldn’t be eating too many of them. They are more of a supplement for good oral hygiene than a treat.

Nylabone Natural Nutri Dent Dental Chew Treats Ingredients List
Ingredients: Wheat Starch, Glycerin, Natural Flavors, Gelatin, Lecithin, Cellulose Powder, Oat Hulls, Beef (Filet Mignon Flavor)

Does Aura Approve?

Like many rescue dogs, Aura suffers from separation anxiety so when my partner leaves for work in the morning he often gives her a Nylabone dental chew as a parting gift. She absolutely loves these treats and just one keeps her mind and mouth occupied while he makes his exit.

This strategy has been extremely helpful with Aura’s anxiety. It helps her associate his leaving with something good and prevents her from chewing on things she shouldn’t be. These treats are specifically designed to be very enticing to dogs and they are great for their oral hygiene too!

Are Dental Chews Safe For Huskies?

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely important that you choose an appropriate size dental chew for your dog. This is because there have been reports of pets choking on dental chews or swallowing chunks that have not been chewed enough which then expand in the stomach or intestines and become stuck there.

Should you choose to purchase any kind of dental chew for your dog I recommend you watch them closely at first to ensure they chew the treat adequately and don’t just swallow them whole. You should also make sure that they have access to water when eating one of these treats. In my experience it takes quite awhile for Aura to chew one up and we have never had any problems with Nylabone’s dental chews.

Final Verdict

Now that you know a little about the company Nylabone, what their ‘natural nutri dent dental chew’ treats are used for, what ingredients are in them, that Aura can’t get enough, and the choking concerns that come with dental chews you should be able to make an informed decision on whether Nylabone’s dental chews are right for your dog.

I recommend purchasing these dental chew treats and using them with regular teeth cleaning to keep your husky happy and healthy with fresh breath. I want to stress one more time to make sure you get an appropriately sized dental chew for your dog. If you’re not sure feel free to ask me about your particular pup in the comments below!

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Zuke’s Mini Naturals Review – Healthy Treats for Healthy Huskies!

Zuke's Mini Naturals in Six Different Flavors

When we adopted our Siberian husky Aura we knew it would be a huge yet rewarding responsibility. We want to be able to take her with us wherever we go and to do that she needs the proper training. We are training her through the positive reinforcement of good behavior. To do this we use treats as high value rewards when teaching her new tricks.

In our article on the best healthy dog treats you can buy in stores Zuke’s Mini Naturals is one of our top recommendations. In this Zuke’s Mini Naturals Review we’ll discuss the history of the company, the products, what ingredients are used in those products, how Aura feels about them, and finally we’ll talk about some potential controversy regarding the company.

About the Company

According to their website, Zuke’s was started in 1995 after the owner of the company had an epiphany about his dog. Zuke's Logo - Fuel the LoveWhile on a hike he fed his pup a piece of an energy bar and gave the dog enough energy to finish the trip. That’s when he realized that dogs need healthy treats for energy just like humans do.

So, he started the company in Durango, Colorado and named it after his dog, Zuke. To this day the company is based in Durango and is known for contributing profits to cancer research in cats and dogs.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Products

Zuke's Mini Naturals Size Comparison to Quarter and HandZuke’s Mini Naturals are small cylindrical treats that are intended to be used as high value rewards when training pets. They come in various sizes and six enticing flavors; Roasted Pork, Roasted Chicken, Savory Salmon, Fresh Peanut Butter, Delicious Duck, and Wild Rabbit.

Because the treats are so little even the smallest bags have plenty of treats to get your pup through multiple training sessions without breaking the bank. With each treat being under 3 calories you can feed your pet plenty of them without worrying about spoiling their dinner. Each treat has 30% moisture which gives them a distinctive aroma to attract any pet.


We recommend Zuke’s mini naturals because their recipes use a variety of high quality ingredients. They never use corn, wheat, or soy which can be harmful to your pet. They also avoid using any artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, or by products in their recipes. Zuke's Mini Naturals Ingredients

(Pork / Peanut Butter / Duck / Rabbit / Chicken / Salmon), Ground Rice, Ground Barley, Malted Barley, Gelatin, Vegetable Glycerin, Tapioca, Cherry, Natural Flavor, Sunflower Oil, Salt, Lecithin, Phosphoric Acid, Rosemary, Tumeric, Sorbic Acid (preservative), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Vitamin E, Zinc Proteinate, Citric Acid, Mixed tocopherols (preservative).

Notice that the first ingredient of each recipe matches its flavor. The pork flavor’s first ingredient is pork, the peanut butter flavor’s first is peanut butter, and so on. This is fantastic as many other treats on the market use artificial flavoring and byproducts as the main ingredient to achieve their flavors.

Does Aura Approve?Zuke's Mini Naturals Aura Approved

The first mini naturals that we bought for Aura was a 6oz bag of rabbit flavor. We purchased them right before going to her first professional training session and she immediately took to them. They were able to keep her attention even in a store full of new sights and smells. Now whenever she hears the rustle of the packaging she comes running!

A Bit of Controversy

Back in 2014 Zuke’s was acquired by pet food giant Nestle Purina, putting many Zuke’s customers on edge. Zuke’s claims that their recipes and practices have not changed in any way following the purchase but many consumers are still not convinced. This is because Nestle Purina has been at the center of many controversies over the years including a lawsuit alleging Purina sold contaminated dog food leading to countless pet deaths.

Nestle Purina LogoWe understand that many pet lovers are wary of Zuke’s parent company but as of this writing Zuke’s itself hasn’t been involved in any scandals or controversies. As long as they continue to make quality products we will continue purchasing their treats. Unfortunately these days the only way to make absolutely sure you aren’t feeding your pet contaminated treats is to make them at home so you can personally source every ingredient.

Last RemarksZuke's Mini Naturals in Treat Bag

Now that you know a little more about the company, what products they offer, the ingredients in those products, that Aura absolutely loves them, and a little about the Nestle Purina controversy, you can make an informed decision on purchasing these treats for your best friend.

We highly recommend buying them. They are made from high quality ingredients right here in the United States and are bound to make any husky happy to work for them.

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Best Healthy Dog Treats to Feed Your Husky

Dog Treats to Avoid

One of the best ways to train your dog is to use treats to reward and reinforce good behavior. However, with so many products on the market it can be overwhelming for a new (or even veteran) dog owner looking to purchase treats and other new dog essentials.

The documentary ‘Pet Fooled‘ caused me to take a closer look at the dog treats we feed our husky Aura. So I’ve done the research and found some of the best healthy dog treats to feed your husky.

What Makes a Treat ‘Healthy’?

First off, treats should only make up approximately 10% of your dog’s diet, the rest being kibble or another source. Being able to break a treat into smaller pieces will give you plenty of training treats without spoiling your husky’s dinner! Whole Unprocessed Ingredients in Healthy Dog Treats

Many of the same factors that make ‘human food’ healthy also apply to pet foods and treats as well. Ideally we want to find whole, unprocessed ingredients that are sourced as close to the manufacturer as possible. Organic ingredients are less likely to contain contaminants but do cost more.

For the most part we want to avoid preservatives and dyes in our dog treats. If there are preservatives they should be natural ones such as vitamin C and vitamin E. We also want to avoid treats with packaging that doesn’t provide calorie intake information.

Ingredients to Watch Out For

Here is a list of ingredients to steer clear of when selecting your dog treats.

  • Artificial preservatives like BHA and BHT.
  • Artificial colors which are unnecessarily added.
  • Added sweeteners such as sugar and corn syrup.
  • Chemical humectants like propylene glycol, used to lock in moisture.
  • Byproducts or ‘meat meal’ which is everything deemed unfit for human consumption.

You should also be aware that dogs can be allergic to certain ingredients just like a human can. One report found beef and dairy products to be the top two allergens among canines. If you suspect your dog of being allergic to something take them to your veterinarian as soon as possible to have an allergy test performed.

The Best Healthy Dog Treat Recommendations

Here is a list of the best recommendations for healthy dog treats.Newman's Own Premium Dog Treats Turkey & Sweet Potato Flavor

Dog Treats to Avoid

Here is a list of some popular dog treats that should be avoided at all cost.

Protect Your Dog From Obesity and Contaminants

Events like the 2007 Pet Food Recalls show that the best way to make sure nothing poisonous is getting into your dog’s treats is to make them at home. This way you can moderate exactly what ingredients are going into your pet’s snacks.

Aura the Husky

Obesity is an increasingly bigger issue among pets in the United States so be sure to remember that treats should make up no more than 10% of your dog’s total diet. Consider feeding them dinner after training time because this way you can simply feed them less to account for any excessive snacking during the training session.

Is your favorite healthy dog treat not listed in our recommendations? Leave a comment below and let us know what healthy snacks you’re feeding your pet!





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